• Walk-in Cooler/Sub-Freezer Combination
  • Architectural Series Design Package
  • Modularm 75LC Digital Thermometer
  • Shelf Mount Refrigeration
  • Vinyl Strip Curtains
  • Eight Foot Ceiling
  • KE2 EEV Controller Freezer

Industry: Restaurant and Foodservice

Free-Standing Combination Cooler and Sub-Freezer Unit

This 9’x41’ free-standing Polar King walk-in cooler sub-freezer combo unit was custom built for a restaurant in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This walk-in unit features cooler and sub-freezer capabilities as well as a highly customized exterior.

Architectural Series Design Package

This commercial walk-in cooler/sub-freezer combination unit has a unique color and brick design. Our client required a specific exterior finish in order to match the look of their current building. The top of the unit features two-part epoxy paint, while the bottom has a multicolored brick finish. Polar King offers an Architectural Series design package. This enables matching to the existing design of a building to add features such as brick, stucco, or tile finishes to the exterior of the walk-in unit.

Modularm 75LC Multi-Monitor with Data Logging

To further control and observe internal temperature, our client required a monitoring and data logging system. The Modularm 75LC Multi-Monitor allows users to monitor the temperature of a walk-in cooler or freezer. This digital thermometer features adjustable high and low-temperature settings that can be read in both Fahrenheit or Celsius for optimal versatility. It features a range of -40 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit or -40 to 52 degrees Celsius with an accuracy of +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit. For easy operation, this thermometer boasts a user-friendly 3-button interface and a digital display.

KE2 Evaporator Efficiency

Additionally, per our client’s request, we have also added a KE2 controller. This controller is unique for its ability to control the internal temperature as well as defrost cycles to one-tenth of a degree.

The KE2 Evaporator Efficiency is an electronically operated evaporator controller engineered to save energy in refrigeration systems through precise control of superheat, space temperature, fan cycling, reducing compressor runtime, and implementing demand defrosts.

Standard Equipment

Other standard equipment on this application includes an antimicrobial interior finish, condensate line, crowned roof, and a lockable door latch.

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