• 5” Walls
  • 6” Crowned Roof
  • ¾” Cart Duty Flooring
  • Vinyl Strip Door Curtains
  • Stainless Steel Kickplates
  • (8) 3’x9’ Doors
  • Amerex Fire Suppression System
  • (4) Gravity Roller Conveyor System

Industry: Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Free Standing Walk-in Sub Freezer  

This 8’x38’ walk-in sub-freezer unit was custom built for a healthcare and pharmaceutical client in Mississauga, Ontario. Because gel pack conditioning is a very delicate process, our client required a sub-freezer that could efficiently freeze the products in a short amount of time to maximize effectiveness. This walk-in unit will be able to freeze 3,000lbs. of gel packs at 90°F to -22°F in 24 hours.

Custom Doors and Upgraded Flooring

This unit has been highly customized to meet the specific holding, load weight, and entrance requirements of our client. There are eight, 3’x9’ doors as well as a conveyor system on the floor. This will allow for easy access and positioning of the gel packs that will be frozen inside.

Since they will be storing 3,000lbs. of gel packs, our client also elected to upgrade to cart/heavy-duty flooring.

Fire Suppression System

Due to the products that will be frozen and stored in the unit, we have also installed a fire suppression system. This adds peace of mind in the event of an accident or fire.

Comprehensive Warranty

Additionally, each Polar King commercial walk-in freezer comes standard with a comprehensive warranty that includes 25-year coverage for the insulation, 12 years for the structure of the unit, and 5 years on the compressor.

Standard Equipment

Other standard equipment on this application includes antimicrobial interior finish, exterior hasp lock, lockable door latch, and low ambient pressure controls.

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