• Dry Storage
  • Lockable Door Latch
  • Sweep Seal
  • Safety Release Handle
  • Antimicrobial Interior Finish

Industry: Automotive  

Walk-in Dry Storage Unit

This 8’x8’ walk-in dry storage unit was custom built for an automotive testing company from Madison Heights, Michigan. This unit will be primarily used to store automotive parts and is directly related to part testing at elevated temperatures and humidity levels.

Custom Exterior

This unit features a double-sloped, 22-inch pitched roof. This is a custom configuration that our client required and specifically requested.

On the exterior, we have utilized a two-part epoxy paint. This type of paint provides all-season durability, and is extremely strong and impact resistant.

Double Entry Doors

The double 36”x78” entry doors and a custom-width exterior door ramp are provided to allow large and bulky items to be easily placed into the unit.

Custom Interior Floor Drain

On the interior, the unit has a floor drain located near the rear corner to collect water that is used during the parts testing. The floor drain exits out the rear of the walk-in, and the customer can attach piping or a hose to it, to redirect or collect the water.

The drain can also accept a standpipe so that water can collect on the floor to a height of 1.5” or so.  The custom 2-inch raised door threshold will keep the water contained inside the walk-in for testing purposes.

Dry Storage Compartment

In addition to refrigerated storage solutions, Polar King offers Dry Storage Walk-in and Trailer units. Constructed with our seamless fiberglass design, each unit is NSF approved and features an anti-microbial finish to ensure a sanitary environment.

Optional Equipment

Other optional equipment on this application includes a custom floor drain, 36”x78” entry doors, and an exterior door ramp.

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