• 60” Door Upgrade
  • Vinyl Swing Doors
  • Shelf Mount Refrigeration
  • Pallet Bumper Guard
  • Pallet Jack duty Floor (5,000 lbs./sq. ft.)
  • Hinged steel Threshold on Trailer
  • Trailer Raised and Leveled to Dock Height with Blocking
  • Trailer Frame

Industry: Meat Distribution  

Custom -10 Freezer Trailer  

Polar King constructed a remarkably spacious and meticulously tailored 14’x50′ trailer to cater to the needs of a prominent meat distributor based in San Antonio, Texas. The client sought a mobile trailer unit that could accommodate their burgeoning meat distribution operations. With precise attention to detail, Polar King fulfilled the client’s specifications for the trailer’s dimensions, door size, and frame capacity.

Custom Trailer Frame with Reinforced Floor Load

The trailer unit boasts a unique custom frame and is equipped with a hinged steel threshold for enhanced functionality. Furthermore, as the unit is intended for semi-permanent placement at the client’s location, it will be carefully leveled to match the dock height. To ensure stability, the unit will then be securely positioned on blocks and stabilizers, effectively elevating it off the wheels.

In order to safeguard the unit and doors against inadvertent damage caused by hand trucks or pallet jacks, our client opted for an enhanced protective measure. They chose to upgrade to an aluminum diamond tread kick plate, which is installed on both the inside and outside of the doors. Furthermore, the interior is equipped with pallet jack duty flooring, capable of supporting an impressive 5,000 lbs. per square foot. These additions ensure durability and reinforce the unit’s ability to withstand heavy usage and potential impacts.

60” Door Upgrade and Vinyl Swing Doors  

The refrigerated trailer is equipped with vinyl swing doors to enhance efficiency and minimize the loss of cold air when individuals enter or exit the unit. The 60″ door upgrade boasts a seamless, one-piece design, which not only promotes superior efficiency but also prevents moisture from seeping into the door.

Redundant Refrigeration

To ensure optimal storage conditions for the sensitive products housed within this commercial walk-in freezer trailer unit, our client has made the decision to upgrade to a redundant refrigeration system. This upgraded redundant refrigeration system ensures that if the primary refrigeration system encounters issues, such as a breakdown or loss of cooling capacity, the backup system takes over and continues to maintain the desired temperature inside the unit. This redundancy minimizes the risk of spoilage or damage to sensitive products stored within the unit, providing an added layer of protection and reliability.

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment included on this custom trailer includes pre-charged refrigerant, condensate line, antimicrobial interior finish, NSF Certified, and a 5-year compressor warranty.

Polar King Meat and Deer Processing Coolers and Freezers

Polar King’s Meat Processing walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerated trailers provide an ideal solution for commercial meat processors, butchers, and hunters seeking reliable storage of meat products at consistent humidity and temperature levels. To maximize storage capacity, Polar King offers a range of customized mounting tools. These include lift systems with gambrels, butcher hooks, and game hooks specifically designed to effortlessly hoist, move, and securely hold meat products.

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