• 6” Roof Insulation
  • Heated Condensate Pan
  • 54” R-Plus Manual Sliding Door
  • Aluminum Tread Kick Plate
  • Vinyl Strip Door
  • Anchoring System
  • Shelf Mount Refrigeration

Industry: Entertainment and Amusement Park

Free Standing Walk-in Combination Refrigeration and Freezer Unit

This 12’x30’ walk-in combination unit was custom built for an amusement park in Anaheim, California. The client required a unit that could provide refrigeration and -10° freezer capabilities. This cooler/freezer unit includes several custom features such as a 54” sliding door and an electric pallet jack floor that is rated 5,000 lbs. sq./ft.

Hurricane Protection

Due to the proximity of the ocean, the park required a walk-in cooler/freezer combo unit that could withstand hurricane-force winds. For this purpose, we have included an anchor system that will be installed on-site. Polar King gained Miami-Dade County product control approval. This means all Polar King products are designed to comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone of the Florida building code. Miami-Dade NOA No. 18-0516.05.

Custom Door and Upgraded Flooring

On the interior of the unit, we have installed two shelf mounted refrigeration systems. This will allow more storage and easier maintenance.

Our client also elected to upgrade to electric pallet jack flooring. This will allow easier loading and unloading as well as enable heavier products to be stored. The floor is rated at 5,000 lbs. sq./ft. of evenly distributed product load.

Additionally, we have also added a 54” r-plus manual sliding door with a heavy-duty wall guide. With this extra-large door and slide opening, the client will easily be able to move pallets of products to and from the unit.

Standard Equipment

Other standard equipment on this application includes interior lighting, crowned roof, antimicrobial interior finish, exterior door rain cap, and a 5-year compressor warranty.

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