• Vinyl Strip Door Curtains
  • Aluminum Diamond Tread Kick Plate
  • Center Mount Evaporator Coil
  • 115 Volt Outlets
  • Shelving Package
  • Aluminum Ramp
  • Retractable Step with Grab Handle
  • 24×48 Stainless Steel Table
  • 2-Part Epoxy Paint

Industry: Meat Fabrication and Deer Processing

Custom Dry Storage, Cooler, and Freezer Trailer

Polar King built this highly customized 8’x24’ trailer for a meat fabrication and deer processing customer in Riverton, Wyoming. They required a mobile trailer unit that could provide the specific humidity and ambient temperature requirements needed in the meat and deer processing industry. This particular custom trailer features three individual compartments, dry storage, 35°F cooler, and -10° freezer.

Retractable Step with Grab Handle and Aluminum Slider Ramp

This refrigerated trailer unit also features a retractable step with a grab handle and an aluminum slider ramp. This is ideal not only for loading large and heavy products into the refrigerated trailer but also for safely entering and exiting the unit. Due to the size of the unit, the retractable step with a grab handle ensures safe access to the unit.

Polar King Custom Applications

Polar King provides the ability to manufacture highly customized walk-in coolers, freezers, and trailers beyond typical applications. This mobile trailer unit was required for meat fabrication and deer processing. The three, NSF-approved, interior compartments provide dry, refrigerated, and frozen storage.  This is essential in the meat processing industry as it allows users to immediately field dress, cut, refrigerate, freeze, and transport their products. The NSF-approved interior also ensures a sanitary working environment.

Nexel Poly Z Brite Shelving

Due to storage requirements in dry storage, cooler, and -10° freezer compartments, our client also requested shelving throughout the interior of the unit. We installed Nexel Poly Z Brite Shelving throughout the interior. At Polar King, we assemble all the shelving and place it into the unit, saving both time and labor once the unit arrives.

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment included on this custom trailer includes exterior hasp lock, sanitary NSF approved interior, and defrost timer.

Polar King Meat and Deer Processing Coolers and Freezers

Polar King Meat Processing walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerated trailers are the perfect solution for commercial meat processors, butchers, and hunters who require consistent humidity and temperature storage. Polar King offers customized mount tools to maximize storage capacity including a lift system with gambrels, butcher hooks, and game hooks designed to easily hoist, move, and hold meat products.

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