• Cooler/Freezer Combination
  • Center Mount Evaporator Coil
  • Defrost Timer
  • Remote Thermometer
  • External HASP Lock
  • Energy Efficient Vinyl Strip Curtains
  • PMS Color Matched Custom Paint Job
  • Nexel Poly Z Brite Shelving

Industry: Educational Summer Camp and Retreat

Free-Standing Combination Refrigeration and Freezer Unit

This 11’x7’ free-standing walk-in cooler freezer combo was custom built for Camp Chestnut Ridge in Efland, North Carolina. Our client required a free-standing unit that could provide both walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler applications.

Center Mount Evaporator Coil

The walk-in refrigerator section of the unit features a center mount evaporator coil. This allows higher ceiling space, which adds additional storage. Entering each compartment, we have installed vinyl strip curtains on the door frames. These vinyl strip curtains add an extra layer of efficiency to the unit by not letting heat into the inside of the walk-in.

Nexel Poly Z Brite Shelving

Our client also requested shelving throughout the interior of the unit. We installed Nexel Poly Z Brite Shelving throughout the interior. At Polar King, we assemble all the shelving and place it into the unit, saving both time and labor once the unit arrives.

Custom Paint Job

Additionally, this unit has a custom paint job. Our client simply provided us with a PMS color sample, which we matched at no additional charge.

Standard Equipment

A few standard options included in this application are an antimicrobial interior finish, external hasp lock, remote thermometer, and a defrost timer.

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