• Walk-In Cooler Freezer Combo
  • Sloped Roof
  • Extra 48” Door
  • 14” x 14” Door View Window
  • Shelving Package
  • Brick and Granite Exterior Finish
  • Thermaviewer with 2 Wired Sensors
  • Exterior Door Ramps
  • Aluminum Diamond Treed Kick Plate

Industry: Schools K-12

Through-Wall Walk-in Combination Refrigeration and Freezer Unit

Polar King custom built this 45’x12’ cooler freezer combo unit for Dwight Englewood School in Englewood, New Jersey. This K-12 college-preparatory day school required a through-wall unit that could provide both walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler applications. Additionally, the school wanted a unit with a specific custom exterior finish and that could accommodate their shelving requirements.

Architectural Series Design Package

This particular walk-in unit has a very distinctive look and texture. As this is a through-wall application, our client required a specific exterior finish in order to match the look and design of their current building. Polar King offers an Architectural Series design package. This enables matching to the existing design of a building to add features such as brick, stucco, or tile finishes to the exterior of the walk-in unit.

ThermaViewer Technology

We have also added a ThermaViewer which comes with two wired sensors. The ThermaViewer stores and displays a complete temperature history, automatically collecting temperatures from its sensors every few seconds, minutes or hours. This will enable school personnel to monitor real time temperatures inside the unit.

Nexel Poly Z Brite Shelving

Our client also requested shelving throughout the interior of the unit. We installed Nexel Poly Z Brite Shelving throughout the interior. At Polar King, we assemble all the shelving and place it into the unit, saving both time and labor once the unit arrives.

3/4 OSB Flooring

Due to the products that are intended to be stored within the unit, our client also elected to upgrade to 3/4’ OSB flooring and have two exterior door ramps installed. This will allow easier loading and unloading as well as enable heavier products to be stored.

Comprehensive Warranty

Each Polar King unit comes standard with a comprehensive warranty that includes 25-year coverage for the insulation, 12 years for the structure of the unit and 5 years on the compressor.

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