• -10° Freezer
  • 54” Door Upgrade
  • Vinyl Strip Door
  • ICM Three Phase Line Monitor
  • Powder Coated Door Hardware
  • Recessed Refrigeration
  • Copper Fins on Freezer Evaporator Coil
  • Saltwater Electrical Box

Industry: Restaurant and Foodservice

Free-Standing -10° Freezer Container Unit

This highly unique 8’x39’ free-standing Polar King walk-in -10° freezer container unit was custom built for a Wendy’s restaurant franchise in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. This walk-in freezer was built inside a shipping container for ease of transport and for added security.

Custom Shipping Container Construction

The entire walk-in freezer was custom built inside a large shipping container. This allowed the unit to be shipped on a boat directly to the Virgin Islands and delivered to the client’s location. In addition to shipping logistics, the container provides a secure location, preventing vandalism or theft.

Recessed Refrigeration

Due to the unit being constructed inside the shipping container, it was necessary to include recessed refrigeration. This ensures that all the refrigeration equipment will fit as well as make sure it will function as intended.

3/4 OSB Flooring and Door Upgrade

On the interior of the unit, our client also elected to upgrade to 3/4” OSB flooring. This increased floor load enables heavier products to be stored inside the walk-in cooler freezer combo. For larger loading options, we have installed a 54” door upgrade.

Standard Equipment

Other standard equipment on this application includes a 12-year structural warranty, exterior hasp lock, heated door jamb, and heated relief port on the freezer.

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