• 6” Roof Insulation
  • 36”x78” Flush Bottom Entrance Door
  • 24”x24” Loading Door
  • Vinyl Strip Curtains
  • Exterior Door Ramp
  • 3 Phase Electrical Upgrade
  • Shelf Mount Refrigeration
  • Strobe Light and Horn

Industry: Ice Cream and Creamery  

Free Standing Walk-in Sub-Freezer  

This 8’x38’ walk-in sub-freezer unit was custom built for a creamery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Due to the strict temperature requirements for ice cream products, the client required a unit that could provide accessibility as well as -17° freezer capabilities. This sub-freezer has been highly customized to meet our client’s exact specifications. Some of the optional features incorporated in this unit include shelf mount refrigeration, an exterior door ramp, 24”x24” loading door, and a 3-phase electrical upgrade.

Custom Door and Upgraded Flooring

On the interior of the unit, we have installed a shelf-mounted refrigeration system. This allows for additional storage space for larger and taller products.

Our client also elected to upgrade to cart/heavy duty flooring. With the addition of an exterior door ramp, this will allow easier loading and unloading as well as enable larger amounts of ice cream products to be stored. The floor is rated at 1,600 lbs. sq./ft. of evenly distributed product load.

Additionally, we have also added a 24”x24” loading door. Our client specifically requested this loading door in order to move packaged ice cream products in and out of the unit.

KE2 Controller with Strobe Light and Horn

Because our client is storing a large amount of ice cream products, they elected to include a KE2 thermostat controller. This controller provides on-demand defrost capabilities. The strobe light and horn system is designed to alert the client in case of any temperature discrepancies.

Standard Equipment

Other standard equipment on this application includes bright interior lighting, lockable door latch, antimicrobial interior finish, pre-charged refrigerant, and a 12-year structural warranty.

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