• -10°Through-Wall Freezer
  • 2 KE2 Controllers
  • Sensaphone 400 Remote Monitoring and Alarm Notification System
  • Interior Vinyl Strip Swing Doors
  • Redundant Refrigeration System
  • 36-inch Door
  • Sloped Roof
  • PMS Color Matched Custom Paint Job
  • Safety Release Handle
  • Heated Relief Port
  • Antimicrobial Interior Finish

Industry: Aerospace

Through-Wall Walk-in Redundant Freezer Unit

This 10’x17’ walk-in freezer unit was custom built for a customer located in Mishawaka, Indiana. Our client required a through-wall walk-in freezer unit that would be able to hold a temperature of -10°. In addition to specific temperature requirement, the client also requested several custom features that Polar King was able to provide.

Through-Wall Installation   

This unit was installed directly onto the side of our client’s existing building. A section of the wall was removed to allow access into the freezer from the inside of the building.

Exterior Sloped Roof

The exterior of this unit features a sloped roof and an extra 36-inch door. The 2-door freezer will be utilized for after-hour deliveries as well as an outside access point.

Custom Paint Job

This unit also features a custom paint job. Our client simply provided us with a paint code from a national paint manufacturer which we matched at no additional charge.

Redundant Refrigeration

Due to the sensitive products stored in this commercial walk-in freezer unit, our client elected to upgrade to a redundant two horsepower refrigeration system. This means that in the event of a malfunction, the second refrigeration system will remain operational, keeping products at the set temperature point.

Interior Vinyl Strip Swing Doors

On the interior of the unit, there are two vinyl strip swing doors. This allows for products to be loaded and unloaded without opening the door every time, reducing the amount of heat allowed into the walk in.

Sensaphone 400 Remote Monitoring and Alarm System

For 24-hour temperature monitoring, we have also installed a sensaphone 400 remote monitoring and alarm notification system.

Additionally, we have also added two KE2 controllers. This controller is unique for its ability to control the internal temperature as well as defrost cycles to one-tenth of a degree.

Standard Equipment

Other standard equipment on this unit include an antimicrobial interior finish, safety release handle, and a heated relief port.

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