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Inside of a refrigerated building Polar King with three white doors

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Faster and More Cost-Effective: Polar King’s Modular Cold Storage Buildings/Facilities

Polar King offers an innovative solution for large scale refrigeration needs with our fiberglass modular buildings. Built for various applications such as cold storage, warehousing and refrigerated packing, these buildings are constructed with the same patented fiberglass design used for our standard outdoor walk-in freezers and coolers.

  • Reduce On-site Labor, Installation Costs
  • Modular Design Fits Any Cold Storage Plan
  • Eliminate Costly Steel Structures
  • Attractive Exterior Finishes
  • Sanitary NSF Approved Interior
  • Ten Year Structural Warranty

Whether your application requires additional space for food manufacturing, refrigerated packaging or additional warehouse space, Polar King can provide a modular solution that’s right for you.

Typically more cost-effective and boasting faster installation than traditional building methods, Polar King refrigerated buildings also remain portable in the event your future plans include additional expansion or relocation.

Polar King refrigerated buildings and warehouses can be built to virtually any cold storage specification, plan or requirement, including size, operating temperature, load capacity, and voltage.