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3 Reasons to Purchase a Walk-In Cooler for Your Agricultural Needs

When it comes to agriculture and farming, it is very important that the food you are producing is well taken care of from the moment that it is picked until it reaches the location where you are selling it. One way to make this happen is to ensure that you have a proper cooler or freezer to store the product after it has been picked.

Polar King walk-in coolers and freezers and trailer units are ideal for farmers and the agricultural industry. In addition to convenience and ease of use, Polar King walk-in coolers and freezers offer a wide range of custom features to tailor the unit to your specific needs. Here are three reasons to purchase a walk-in cooler or freezer for your agriculture needs.  

Custom Interiors

The specific needs of an individual farm or agricultural setting can vary. That’s why Polar King offers a wide variety of optional and custom accessories to make your walk-in or trailer unit even more suitable for your facility and storage requirements. 

Due to the manufacturing process, Polar King has the unique ability to fully customize nearly all aspects of your walk-in or trailer unit. Customization is available in each facet of the unit, from door and wall locations to shelves and temperature control systems. 

Custom Accessory and Layout Options

  • Temperature Data Logging and Monitoring Systems
  • Digital Thermometer with Temperature Alarm
  • Interior and Exterior Door Ramps
  • Shelving Package
  • Stainless Steel Kick Plates

Custom Agricultural Exteriors

Polar King provides the unique ability to manufacture highly customized walk-in coolers, freezers, and trailers beyond typical applications. Our highly customized walk-ins can be designed with minimal limitations, much like the construction of a new building. From units with multiple rooms to extremely large walk-ins, we’ve designed and built some of the most highly customized refrigeration applications in the world. If your farm or agricultural setting has a specific design or configuration requirements, Polar King can provide the storage solutions you need.

Custom Design

  • Custom Sizes and Configurations
  • Slanted and Crowned Roofs
  • Multiple Chambers
  • Through-wall or Freestanding

Sanitary Agricultural Environment

Finally, walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerated trailers from Polar King are properly sanitized. This ensures you don’t have to worry about getting a unit that will contaminate the product that you store inside it. In addition to Polar King units being NSF approved, the interior features an antimicrobial gelcoat. The antimicrobial gelcoat is proven to prevent microorganisms and inhibit their growth, driving the sanitation process forward.

About Polar King

As the industry’s #1 manufacturer of seamless fiberglass outdoor walk-in coolers and commercial walk-in freezers, Polar King units are designed to endure even the most rugged conditions and climates. All Polar King commercial walk-in coolers and outdoor walk-in freezers are delivered fully assembled and require only a simple electrical connection to put them into operation. With a 100% seamless fiberglass design, Polar King offers the industry’s only one-piece, outdoor unit. To learn more about the fiberglass advantage or for more information, call 888-647-8231 or visit