Large Capacity Storage

Metal shelving inside cold storage unit

At Polar King International, Inc. we understand the critical importance and sensitivity regarding the storage of the deceased. Mortuary coolers are an essential tool for not only preserving bodies but also to keep internal organs preserved for transplants. The Polar King mortuary cooler and freezer was designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the funeral home, crematorium and morgue industries. With the desire goal to lower funeral costs while also offering greater flexibility for both the bereaved and the funeral home, the mortuary cooler and freezer units provides increased operational performance, lower energy costs, and a highly effective method to store bodies. The interior of the unit can be designed to accommodate a mortuary roll in cart, caskets as well as dressing tables.  Additionally, Polar King offer PMS color matching at no additional charge, this will allow users to match the color of their existing building or facility.

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Emergency / Portable Solutions

Model: H816T

Model: H1016

Funeral Home Freezer Storage Solutions

We offer larger permanent storage solutions with custom exteriors, models H812, H814, and H1416. We’re happy to speak with you about your specific unit requirements.

Model: H48

Model: H812

Model: H814

Model: H1416

Shelving Packages for Morgue Freezers and Coolers

Polar King can provide adjustable vinyl coated shelving or stainless steel shelving for your morgue freezer/cooler. As an optional upgrade, Polar King can install a heavy duty stationary or removable rack system throughout the interior of your mortuary walk-in unit. We offer a number of configurations, sizes and styles of shelving, and we can also customize any shelving requirements that may be needed for your morgue freezers and coolers.

Design and Sanitation

All Polar King mortuary coolers meet strict sanitation requirements and are NSF approved. With all of our units built at our facilities, Polar King also has the ability to fully customize your mortuary walk-in to meet your specific needs and capacity requirements. Constructed of with a seamless fiberglass design, this self-contained mortuary walk-in cooler provides a continuous surface which keeps the insulated structure completely intact; free of moisture damage and bacteria formation.

Standard Features

  • Anti Microbial Interior Finish
  • Seamless Fiberglass Interior & Exterior
  • HASP External Door Lock
  • Safety Release Handle
  • Lockable Door Latch
  • Heated Door Jamb
  • Magnetic Gasket
  • Door Closer
  • Sweep Seal
  • Low Ambient Controls
  • Defrost Timer
  • Remote Thermometer
  • Interior Lighting
  • Crowned Roof

Looking to Rent a Mortuary Cooler?

If you need emergency cold storage, our sister company, Polar Leasing, offers temporary cold storage rentals for  mortuary coolers.

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