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Can I paint my walk-in if I want to change the color?

Yes. We recommend that you use an outdoor industrial enamel paint that can be applied with a roller.

Can I use my unit indoors?

While Polar King specializes in outdoor coolers and outdoor freezers, it is still possible to use the outdoor walk-in cooler indoors.  The only real issue is accessibility to your building.  Many customers even choose to build their entire facility around the Polar King outdoor walk-in freezer.

Can my walk-in cooler temperature be adjusted down to make it a freezer?

The refrigeration equipment used for standard walk-in coolers is not built for use as a walk-in freezer and cannot be adjusted down to act as such.  However, we do offer a system that is capable of making this transition if you anticipate this type of need.

Do I need to build an enclosure for the walk-in?

No.  All Polar King walk-in cold storage units are built specifically for outdoor use and have been engineered to withstand the elements.  Unless you have your own reasons for doing so, there is no need to cover the unit in anyway.

Do you have any used walk-in cooler trailers for sale?

Yes, there are usually a small number of used walk-in cooler trailers for sale, as well as  used walk-in freezers. These units are reconditioned and often sold in “like new” condition. Our used inventory typically sells quickly, so certainly consider putting your name on the waiting list.

Does a sloped concrete slab create a problem?

The degree of the slope will determine whether or not the concrete slab is usable. In most cases shims or other simple modifications can be used to level the walk-in unit. Consult your sales representative in the event you have a concern about your existing slab.

How does Polar King handle repair work during the warranty period?

Polar King has established relationships with service companies in most metropolitan areas that are able to do warranty work. As well, warranty work can be performed by any licensed establishment of your choice, in the event you have a particular organization you are comfortable with. All warranty work is subject to the terms and conditions of Polar King’s written warranty. If you have any questions concerning warranty work please contact Polar King directly.

How is the compressor mounted to the walk-in unit?

In general, most applications will call for a roof mounted compressor with a fiberglass weatherproof cover.  We also offer side mount and remote refrigeration systems for applications requiring this type of installation.

How long has Polar King been in business?

Polar King began producing walk-in refrigeration in 1982 and remains a family-owned company.  Read more About Us.

How long is the estimated delivery time?

Four weeks is the standard lead time for most Polar King walk-ins.  However, it is possible that lead times will reach 8 weeks during peak summer months.  Check with your sales representative for the most up to date availability information.

How much weight can be placed on the floor?

Our standard heavy-duty floor is rated for 900 lbs. per square foot. We also have two other floor ratings for applications requiring additional capacity.
If your storage needs require the use of continuous dolly or cart traffic, you’ll want to specify our extra heavy duty floor, which is rated at 2,000 lbs. per square foot.
Use of a hand pallet jack requires an upgrade to our pallet jack floor; rated up to 5,000 lbs. per square foot.
In the event your needs call for the use of a standard fork truck our sales representatives will be happy to discuss available options to accommodate the weight load.

If I need shelving, can I purchase it from Polar King?

Yes. Polar King is proud to offer Metro Shelving to accommodate your shelving needs. Polar King will design a cost effective shelving package that best fits your storage needs. The major advantage of buying your shelving from Polar King is having the shelving arrive ready to use in your new walk-in.

Is it possible to set the Polar King unit on asphalt?

Yes. Most asphalt surfaces are an acceptable base for the Polar King unit to sit, provided the area is in good condition and is relatively level.

Is there a limit to the number of compartments in the unit?

Polar King can build any number of compartments within your requested walk-in.

What can I do to make my walk-in more energy efficient?

Every Polar King walk-in comes standard with an automatic door closer, ensuring an airtight seal after each entrance and exit of the unit (this feature does not interfere with the safety of exiting the unit). Another great energy saving option is having a vinyl strip door installed on the door(s).

Polar King also introduced a GREEN ENERGY package in June 2008, ask your sales representative for details.

What colors are most frequently requested?

Colors actually vary from customer to customer; depending on the architecture of the location.  However the most common color choices are white, beige, gray and dunes tan. More information on colors

What size walk-in do I need?

You know your operation better than anyone and our sales staff is trained to help you determine the most suitable size for your needs.  By working together we can determine the perfect size to accommodate increased inventory levels and the goals of your operation.

What sizes are available?

Because Polar King offers a 100% seamless unit, we are able to offer virtually any size.  Available widths are from 6′ to 16′ and lengths of 8′ to 65′.  Units can be ordered with even or odd dimensions, or even right down to the inch.

What type of surface does the walk-in need to be placed on?

Every Polar King has a steel frame base built into the bottom of the walk-in, enabling our walk-ins to be placed on most level surfaces, including asphalt, wood decking, grass and gravel. We do recommend that if you have a thru-wall design (where the walk-in is physically attached to your building)that you place the walk-in on a concrete slab.

Will my Polar King ever rust, dent or corrode?

Unlike metal walk-ins, every Polar King unit is constructed of fiberglass and is 100% seamless. Therefore, these problems do not occur with a Polar King walk-in. Assuming you keep your unit in an acceptable condition you should never experience such problems.

Will a Polar King walk-in ever rust?

Absolutely NOT! The fiberglass exterior of our commercial freezers, refrigerators, and refrigerated trailers is completely weather resistant. Our exterior will never rust, dent or corrode and because our walk-ins are 100% seamless you never have to worry about our insulation deteriorating due to moisture.