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Polar King walk-in cooler attached to building

Maintaining an optimal temperature in your school’s walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer or refrigerated trailer is critical to keep food products fresh and safe.

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment in your school or cafeteria kitchen, the walk-in cooler keeps food products safe and fresh for consumption. If the temperature falls below or goes above the optimal range, spoilage can occur costing you both time and money.

Customize the Interior or Exterior of your Walk-in Unit or Refrigerated Trailer

Polar King units allow you to expand your dry storage, refrigerated, or freezer storage space without taking up valuable room inside your kitchen. The specific needs of each school or cafeteria setting can vary. That’s why Polar King offers a wide variety of optional and custom accessories to make your walk-in even more suitable to your facility and storage requirements.

Due to the manufacturing process, Polar King has the unique ability to fully customize nearly all aspects of your walk-in or trailer unit. Customization is available in each facet of the unit, from door and wall locations to shelves and temperature control systems.

Custom Accessory and Layout Options

  • Temperature Data Logging and Monitoring Systems
  • Digital Thermometer with Temperature Alarm
  • Interior and Exterior Door Ramps
  • Shelving Package
  • Stainless Steel Kick Plates
  • 54” Door
  • Door View Windows
  • LED Lighting
  • Glass Display Doors
  • Reinforced Floor Load
  • Interior Bumper

Case Studies

Polar King, a leading provider of high-quality commercial refrigeration solutions, has taken a proactive approach to help customers gain a deeper understanding of how their products are being utilized through comprehensive case studies. In addition to studying various industries, Polar King recognizes the unique needs of educational institutions, specifically schools K-12, and has dedicated resources to conduct in-depth case studies in this domain. By focusing on this sector, Polar King aims to provide valuable insights into how their refrigeration units can support the specific requirements of school cafeterias, nutrition programs, and other food storage needs within educational settings. These studies delve into topics such as capacity, energy efficiency, food safety, and compliance with school nutrition guidelines, shedding light on how Polar King’s refrigeration solutions can enhance the overall food service operations in K-12 schools. By leveraging these case studies, Polar King ensures that school administrators and nutrition professionals can make well-informed decisions to effectively address the unique refrigeration challenges in their educational institutions.

West Tisbury Case Study Download
Ledyard School Case Study Download