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Polar King’s new line of refrigerated hunting trailers will change the way you hunt to some degree, well 35 degrees to be exact. Designed to provide immediate protection from spoilage caused by heat, which allows for the preservation of your trophy and the best possible meat on your table. Whether you’re using the cooler for aging, storage or hauling, this refrigerated hunting trailer puts refrigeration in the palm of your hands.

With nearly three decades of success in refrigerated trailer manufacturing, Polar King products offer the quality and performance expected by today’s top outfitters and outdoor enthusiasts. All Polar King trailers are made with top quality components and craftsmanship, along with a full year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Available in eight standard frame sizes and an unlimited number of optional accessories, each hunting trailer is built to your specific needs. Fully customized refrigerated hunting trailers are also available by request.

Hunting Trailer Uses and Applications

  • Hunters
  • Butchers
  • Commercial Meat Processing
  • Meat Hanging and Ageing
  • Meat Transportation and Packaging
  • Lodges and Outfitters
Walk-In Freezer Meat Hooks

100% Customizable

All Polar King trailers are built from the ground up, allowing you to add custom options of most any type to your new refrigerated trailer. From gas and diesel generators to galvanized frames, we have the capabilities to design the perfect trailer for your application.

Optional Accessories

Butcher Hooks
Overhead Rail Systems
Humidity Control Systems
Stainless Steel Kickplate
Vinyl Strip Curtains
Custom Finishes
Reinforced Floor Load
54” Door