Refrigerate, Hang, and Perfectly Age Meat with Polar King Walk-in Coolers, Freezers and Refrigerated Trailers

Polar King Meat Processing walk-in coolers and freezers are the perfect solution for commercial meat processors, butchers and hunters who require consistent humidity and temperature storage. Each unit can be fully customized to meet your meat processing needs including overhead rail systems, specific humidity controls, and custom sizes and configurations.

Standard Meat Processing and Butcher Walk In Freezers and Coolers

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Custom Sizes and Configurations

Whether you need a large meat freezer or small deer processing cooler, Polar King can customize the unit to meet your specific size requirements. Interior heights and widths can be tailored for additional storage.

Humidity Control Systems

At Polar King we recognize that cooling, processing, and ageing meat requires specific temperature and humidity controls that are critical to avoiding meat spoilage. We can design a system that provides a variety of different humidity levels and have multiple systems to add and remove moisture.

Meat Processing Uses and Applications

  • Hunters
  • Butchers
  • Commercial Meat Processing
  • Meat Hanging and Ageing
  • Meat Transportation and Packaging
  • Lodges and Outfitters

Meat Processing Rail Systems

Overhead rail systems are essential for both hanging and mobility. We offer customized mount tools to maximize storage capacity including lift system with gambrels, butcher hooks, and game hooks designed to easily hoist, move, and hold meat products.

Optional Accessories

Butcher Hooks
Overhead Rail Systems
Humidity Control Systems
Stainless Steel Kickplate
Vinyl Strip Curtains
Custom Finishes
Reinforced Floor Load
54” Door

Walk-In Freezer Meat Hooks

Easy Cleaning

Polar King meat processing refrigerators and freezers are constructed with a 100% seamless fiberglass design. The continuous surface keeps the insulated structure intact and keeps the environment free of moisture damage and bacteria formation. This also enables the surfaces to be moped or power washed without damaging the unit. Plus, an anti-microbial finish is used on the interior to further ensure a sanitary and easy cleanup environment.

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