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NSF/ANSI 7 Standard Certification

All Polar King seamless fiberglass, outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers meet the strict requirements needed to gain NSF/ANSI 7 Standard Certification.

As an approved standard of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), NSF/ANSI 7 contains the requirements for refrigerators and freezers that are used to store or display cold food. According to NSF International, “This Standard establishes minimum food protection and sanitation requirements for the materials, design, manufacture, construction, and performance of commercial refrigerators and freezers and their related components.”

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NSF/ANSI 7 Standard Equipment Types

NSF/ANSI 7 contains requirements for refrigerators and freezers used to store and/or display cold food. The types of refrigerators and freezers covered by this NSF/ANSI 7 include:

  • Storage Refrigerators (Reach-in, Under Counter, Walk-in, Roll-in)
  • Storage Freezers (Reach-in, Under Counter, Walk-in, Roll-in)
  • Rapid Pull-down Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Refrigerated Food Transport Cabinets
  • Refrigerated Buffet Units
  • Refrigerated Food Preparation Units
  • Display Refrigerators
  • Beverage Coolers
  • Ice Cream Cabinets

NSF/ANSI 7 Standard for Commercial Refrigerators and Storage Freezers

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Walk-In Freezers [1]

[1] Suffix numbers indicate width, length, and height in feet

Walk-In Refrigerator [1]

[1] Suffix numbers indicate width, length, and height in feet

NSF International

NSF International is a third-party product testing, inspection, and certification organization.  The organization tests and certifies products to verify that they meet public health, environmental, and safety standards. Products that are NSF Certified comply with the strict standards and manufacturing procedures set forth by NSF International. In addition to extensive product testing, certification includes regular, unannounced on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities, material analyses, and regular product re-testing.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Founded in 1918, the ANSI is a non-profit organization that oversees the creation and coordination of voluntary business standards and conformity assessment systems in the United States. The organization collaborates with industry leaders and government officials to develop standards and conformance-based solutions for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel.